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We take a proactive approach to bettering the lives of gold mining communities across the world.

As one of Europe’s biggest independentjewellery manufacturers, we believe it is ourresponsibility to set an example.

One thing we are particularly proud of is our Fairtrade Ambassador Scheme, which offers our most forward-thinking retail partners everything they need to get started with Fairtrade. We are also a certified member of the internationally-recognised Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). Its stringent system of checks and balances encourages us to continually improve our internal procedures and monitor our supply chain, ensuring we offer socially and environmentally responsible products to our customers.



First-hand experience of visiting Fairtrade artisanal gold mines was both eye-opening and enlightening for our team.



We want to ensure that your brand or retail business has the best possible choice. By offering our complete selection of wedding rings and other items in Fairtrade gold we are passing the principles that matter to us along the supply chain, both to you and your customers.

 When an artisanal mine comes under the Fairtrade umbrella, it is monitored not just for safety and labour practices, but also for the way in which the mine becomes part of a local community; offering opportunities to receive fair wages, fair hours and access to a better way of life. We saw this first-hand on a visit to Tanzania, which intensified our commitment to be an active voice as a trusted Fairtrade gold supplier.